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How the process works

  • The process begins by digging out the existing lawn

  • Weed cloth is laid down as the bottom layer to deter weed growth

  • Decomposed granite goes on top of the weed cloth and     this is the finished product

  • Plants can be planted directly in the decomposed granite once it is applied

Beneficial Decomposed Granite Services

Advanced Don Davies is proud to offer our special decomposed granite services for recycling old granite. Our decomposed granite service is the process of planting lawns to help curb weed growth in areas where the recycled granite is used. The result is flower beds that require significantly less weeding and maintenance.


Contact our team today by calling 909-599-9530 and find out whether our decomposed granite services are right for your property and landscape plans!

We ensure a clean and safe site after we complete our job.

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At Advanced Don Davies, we offer a variety of property maintenance services, including cleanup and debris hauling, landscaping and hardscaping, sprinkler maintenance and installation, handyman services, and high-quality stackable walls.


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